Типология заданий для развития коммуникативной компетенции

Типология заданий для развития коммуникативной компетенции

Автор: Андриуца Лариса Викторовна,
преподаватель английского языка
ФГКОУ МКК «Пансион воспитанниц МО РФ», г. Москва

В данной практической разработке автором предлагаются способы организации работы с видеоматериалом в старших классах школ, позволяющие задавать необходимое направление процессу восприятия и анализа фильма.
Фильм был разделен автором на несколько эпизодов, имеющих смысловую завершенность. Такое деление дает возможность более детально и глубоко проанализировать  материал, при этом, не утомляя обучающихся обилием информации.

(По легендарному художественному фильму на английском языке «Звуки музыки»/«The Sound of Music».Часть 1).

Звуки музыки


PART 1 (35 min)

The characters: Maria, Captain Von Trapp, Baroness Schreider, Max Detweiler, Herr Zeller, Rolfe, Frau Schmidt, Franz, the children, Mother Abbess,

Sisters: Margaretta, Sophia, Bernice, Beathe.

The place: Salzburg, Austria

The time:the last golden days of the thirties.

I. Vocabulary work. Match the words on the left with their definitions on the right.

a.               Chime ___

b.               Nun ___

c.               Blessed ___

d.               Chapel ___

e.               Seclusion ___

f.                Penitence ___

g.               Bemused ___

h.               Abbey ___

i.                Asset ___



1.               The series of notes sounded by a set of bells.

2.               Sorrow or regret for having done something wrong.

3.               The state of being away from others or in a private place.

4.               A woman living in a female religious community who has promised to serve God all her life.

5.               Holy, giving pleasure, enjoyable.

6.               Confused and unable to think clearly.

7.               A church associated with other buildings in which monks or nuns live or formerly lived as a religious community.

8.               A valuable or useful person.

9.               A separate part of a church or cathedral with its own altar used for small services and private prayer.

Note: many a thing – (fml) is used with a singular noun and a singular verb.

E.g. “Many a thing you know you’d like to tell her. Many a thing she ought to understand…”

II. Fill in the gaps in the following song.

The Sound of Music

The hills are alive____________________________________________
With songs they have sung_____________________________________
The hills fill my heart with the sound of music.

My heart wants to beat like the wings of the birds
That rise ____________________________________________________
My heart wants to sigh like a chime
That flies from________________________________________________

To laugh like a brook when it trips
And falls_____________________________________________________
To sing through the night like a lark

I go to the hills when my heart is lonely.
I know I will hear ______________________________________________
My heart will be blessed with the sound of music

III. Fill in the gaps in the following dialogue between Mother Abbess and Maria:

Mother Abbess: And what is the most important lesson you have learnt here, __________?

Maria: To find out what’s the will of God and to do it wholeheartedly.

Mother Abbess: Maria, it seemed to be the will of God that _________

Maria: Leave?

Mother Abbess:___________________

Maria: Oh, no, Mother! Please, don’t do that! __________ send me away!

This is where I belong, ___________________________________

Mother Abbess: But are you _______________________________

Maria: Yes, I am!

Mother Abbess: Perhaps, if you go out into the world for a time, knowing

we expect of you, _______________________________________.

Maria: I know what you expect Mother and I can do it. I promise I can.

Mother Abbess: Maria?

Maria: Yes, Mother._________________________________________

Mother Abbess: There’s a family near Salzburg that needs a governess until September.

Maria: ___________________________________

Mother Abbess: ________________________________________________________________

Maria: Seven children?

Mother Abbess: Do you like children, Maria?

Maria: Oh, yes, but seven!

Mother Abbess: I’ll tell Captain von Trapp to expect you tomorrow.

Maria: Captain?

Mother Abbess:________________________________________

a fine man and a brave one. His wife died several years ago leaving him alone with the children. And I understand he’s had a most difficult time________________________________________

Maria: Why “difficult”, Reverend Mother?

Mother Abbess: The Lord will show you in his own good time.

IV. Decide whether the following statements are true or false. Correct the wrong statements.

  1. As it was Maria’s dream to serve God she had been prepared for the life in the Abbey a long time before she started to live there.
  2. Maria was well-intentioned but not very good at duties she was expected to perform.
  3. When Maria was asked by Mother Abbess to work as a governess for the Von Trapp family, she gladly accepted the offer at once.
  4. Maria viewed the prospect of taking care of seven children with confidence.
  5. Maria looked exactly as a governess should look and produced a good impression upon Captain von Trapp.
  6. The children prepared a “warm” welcome for their governess, considering her fair game for playing practical jokes on.
  7. Maria didn’t like the way Captain treated his children.
  8. Maria was determined to help the children get their father’s attention.
  9. The children didn’t approve of their father’s trips to Vienna (where he went to see Baroness Schreider) because they missed him too much.

V. Who said this and to who?

  1. “When the Lord closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.” ___________________
  2. “I always try to keep faith in my doubts.”___________________
  3. “I pray and I try and I’m learning, I really am!” ___________________
  4. “Were you this much trouble at the Abbey?”__________________
  5. “I don’t need a governess.” ___________________
  6. “Hat off!” ___________________
  7. “Enchanting little tune! Something you learnt at the Abbey?” ___________________
  8. “I’ll show you to your room. Follow me.” ___________________
  9. “Father, May I be excused?” ___________________
  10. “You mean you don’t know anything about being a governess?” ___________________
  11. “I’m impossible.”___________________

VI. Listen tothe song “Maria” where the question of “How do you solve a problem like Maria?” is discussed by Mother Abbess and Sisters Margaretta, Sophia, Bernice, After you hear the song, think of the question: “How do you find a word that means Maria?” and try to compose some rhymed couplet “in her behalf”.

VII. Do you remember the names of the children and what age they are?


The sound of music


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