Способы организации внеаудиторных занятий с учащимися старших классов

Способы организации внеаудиторных занятий с учащимися старших классов

Автор: Андриуца Лариса Викторовна,
преподаватель английского языка
ФГКОУ МКК «Пансион воспитанниц МО РФ», г. Москва

В данной практической разработке для учащихся старших классов автором предлагаются способы организации работы с видеоматериалом, позволяющие задавать необходимое направление процессу восприятия и анализа фильма. Фильм был разделен автором на несколько эпизодов, имеющих смысловую завершенность. Такое деление дает возможность более детально и глубоко проанализировать  материал, при этом, не утомляя обучающихся обилием информации.

(По легендарному художественному фильму на английском языке «Звуки музыки»/«The Sound of Music». Часть 2).


I. Vocabulary work. Study the following words and expressions, writedown their translation:

brink (the point or statement close to something unknown, dangerous)

– canny (intelligent, careful and showing good judgement)__________;

– sash (a long strip of cloth worn around waist as decoration)_____ ;

– cad (a man who behaves in a deceitful or dishonest way, especially towards women)___________________________________________________ ;

– strudel (a cake made of fruit rolled up in thin pastry and baked) ___________ ?

– roue (a man, especially an older one, who lives in an immoral way)

– whisker (any of the long stiff hairs that grow near the mouth of the cat)

– moat (a deep wide ditch that was dug around the castle, etc. and filled with water, to protect it from enemies)___________________________ ;

– bachelor (a man who is not arid never has been married)________ ;

– tote (inf.) = to carry sth) _______________________________________;

– dandy (a man who cares too much about his clothes and appearance)

– beyond one’s ken (not within one’s range of knowledge)___________ ;

– yodel (to sing a song or make a musical call in the traditional Swiss manner, with frequent changes from normal voice to a very high voice and back again) ________________________________________________________.

II. Fill in the gaps in the following dialogues:

Dialogue 1: Between Liesl and Rolfe

Liesl: Please, Rolfe, send me a telegram._______________ Dear Liesl.

Rolfe: Dear Liesl, I’d like to be able to tell you __________________

how I feel about you. Stop. Unfortunately, this wire is already too expensive.

Sincerely, Rolfe.

Liesl: Sincerely?

Rolfe: Cordially.

Liesl: Cordially?

Rolfe:_________________________________________________ Will there be any reply?

Liesl: ______________________________________ 

Dialogue 2. Between Frau Schmidt and Maria

Frau Schmidt. The Von Trapp children don’t play._________________________________

_____________________________________________________________________________Maria: But surely, you don’t _____________________________ .

Frau Schmidt. Ever since the Captain lost his poor wife, ______________

________________________________ as if he were at one of his ships again: whistles, orders. No more music, no more laughing, nothing that reminds him of er,______________________________________________ .

Maria:_______________________________________ _____________ .

Dialogue3. Between Captain von Trapp and Maria

Captain: Freulein, did I not tell you that________________________.

Maria:Well, the children were so upset by the storm and I thought that if I …

Captain: Do you or do you not have difficulty ____________________________.

Maria:  ________________________________________.

Dialogue 4. Between Captain von Trapp and Maria

Captain: You were right. I don’t know my children.

Maria: There’s still time, Captain. ____________________________

Captain: You brought the music back into the house. I’ve forgotten, Freulein,

I want you to stay.__________________________________________ .

Maria: If I could be of any help.


III. Decide whether the following statements are true orfalse. Correct the wrong statements.

  1. Maria and the children became good friends and were having a really good time together.
  2. Frau Schmidt was glad that the children would finally have a mother after Captain married Baroness.
  3. The boys were scared during the thunderstorm but they pretended to be brave.
  4. The children would rather wear the old drapes than their uniforms.
  5. Max Detweiler suggested that the Von Trapp family should sing atthe festival in Salzburg because he wanted to become famous and rich.
  6. Max Detweiler had no political convictions.
  7. Baroness wanted to get rid of Maria because she regarded herpotentially dangerous for her plans to marry Captain von Trapp.
  8. Max Detweiler suggested that Maria should stay for dinner becausehe was charmed by her abilities to sing and dance so well.
  9. Captain von Trapp asked Maria to stay after he had told her to packher things and go because he admitted he’d wrongfully blamed her for thechildren’s misbehaviour.
  10. There was an Austrian flag at the party because the Captain wanted to protest against “German threats”.

IV. Who said this and to who?

  1. Some people think we are to be German and they are very mad atthose who don’t think so.____________________________________________
  2. How many dresses does a governess need?______________
  3. The lightning says something to the thunder and the thunder answers


  1. It was you who brought some meaning back into my life.___________________________
  2. The first rule in this house is discipline._______________________
  3. Oh, dear, I love rich people. I like the way they live. I like the wayI live when I’m with them.________________________________________
  4. They love you too much, they fear you too much!______________
  5. What’s going to happen is going to happen.________________
  6. You never told me how enchanting your children are! _______________
  7. The vote is unanimous: you, Captain._________________________
  8. How clumsy of me. I meant to accuse you.____________________
  9. There is nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who isin love with him.___________________________________________________

V. Fill in the gaps in the following songs:

Sound of music

  1. Do-Re-Mi

Let’s start at the very beginning

When you read you ____________ ABC

______ – you begin with Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi.

The first three notes

Do Re Mi

Do Re Mi.

Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti

Do – a deer_______________________________

Re – a drop of golden_______________________

Mi – a name I call myself_____________________

Fa – a long long way to run

Sol – _______________________________________

La – a note to follow Sol

Ti – ________________________________________

I hat will bring us back to Do.


Sound of music

Edelweiss, Edelweiss

Every morning________________________

Small and white clean and bright

Blossom of snow may you bloom and grow


Edelweiss, __________________________

Bless my homeland forever!

VI. Remember the song “My Favourite Things”? Here’re some lines to remind you:

When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember

My favourite things

And then I don’t feel so bad.”

And what are your favourite things in life?___________________________________________ 


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