Игра на английском языке «Be my Valentine!», посвященная Дню Св. Валентина (для 7-9 классов)

Игра на английском языке «Be my Valentine!», посвященная Дню Св. Валентина (для 7-9 классов)

Автор: Гущина Елена Федоровна,
учитель английского языка
МОБУ ООШ №19, п. Заводской,
Чунский р-н, Иркутская обл.


  • стимулировать речевую активность учащихся и интерес к изучаемому языку;
  • дать понятие любви как светлого и высокого чувства.

Оборудование: украшения для зала: надпись «Be my Valentine!», ангелы, сердечки, таблички с цифрами от 1 до 4, картинки с изображением телефона, торта, цветов, машины, шоколадки, 5 помидор, мишень в виде большого сердца с призами, дротики.

Ход мероприятия

 Good evening, dear friends! I’m very glad to see you today at our party. St. Valentine’s Day is a day to share our love feelings with our friends and family. Do you know that everybody is in love? Everybody loves somebody or something! I can prove! So, answer my questions, please.

Do you love your mother?

Do you love your sister?

Do you love your cat?

Do you have favourite actor or singer?

Today we are going to talk about love. And today some of you will play a romantic game «Be my Valentine». We can’t imagine our life without love! May be it’s one of the strongest feeling that can live in our hearts and souls. People have created a lot of works of art about love: pictures, books, songs, films.

By the way, what about films? Do you know any films about love?

Let’s play! I’ll show pictures from very popular films. You should answer the question: What is the name of the film?

Titanic» – This is the most famous film in the world. This film is about a huge tragedy in the Atlantic Ocean. But this film is also about love. «Ghost» – this film is very sad, and at the same time it is very funny. And of course, this film is about love.  «Cinderella» – It is a fairy-tale with a happy end. «Romeo and Juliet» – I think, you know. It is very a sad story by William Shakespeare. «Walk to remember».)

There are a lot of other things about love: song, poems. But we’ll talk about it a bit later.

So, love, let’s dedicate our meeting and this evening to «love».  It’s time to start our game «Be my Valentine»!

Our dear participants, boys and girls! Come here.

You don’t know who will be your Valentine. Nobody knows. It’ll be a surprise for you and for me. And remember, it’s just a game. Now you’ll choose a half of a heart. Then I’ll give you a minute to find the person who has the second part of the same heart. Choose one and step aside.

Are you ready? Have you found your second half?  Stand together and show us your heart.

№1 «Match the love couples»

Let’s begin. The first contest is «Match the love couples». Now we’ll see how well you know books, films and cartoons about love. Here you see the names of famous women and men. You should find famous couples. You have 1 minute.

Eve Adam
Lyudmila Ruslan
Juliet Romeo
Gloria Melman
Princess Fiona Shrek
Lyubava Alyosha Popovich
Masha The bear
Tatyana Onegin
Cinderella Prince

Give me your cards. Our jury will check your answers. And a bit later they’ll tell us the results.

Let’s match them now. Help me. Well done! Very good.

№2 «Pantomimes»

The second contest is «Pantomimes».

What is a pantomime? The actor moves and gestures but does not speak. The situation is «Your girlfriend wants a present for her birthday». I have a lot of pictures of different presents. Girls will choose any present they like then show it without words, only gestures and moves. Boys should guess what it is in the picture. Let’s begin.

Let’s relax and listen to the poems about love.

 №3 «Questions»

Now I’ll ask you some questions. I will ask the boy about (the girl) … and she will show us a card with the answer. (1, 2, 3, 4). The boy won’t be able to see the girl’s answer. He will have to guess what she chooses. If your answer is right your pair will get a point.

Let’s try.

  1. What singer does she listen to?(for boys)

1)Sergey Lazarev 2) Nyusha 3)Vera Brezhneva 4)Egor Kreed

  1. What colour are her eyes? (for boys)

1)blue 2)green 3)brown 4)grey

  1. What is his favourite food? (for girls)

1)fried potatoes 2)fish 3)soup 4)meat

  1. What is his favourite sport? (for girls)

1)boxing 2)football 3)basketball 4)hockey

  1. What drink does he prefer? (for girls)

1)milk 2)tea 3)juice 4)mineral water

6.What kinds of films does she like watching? (for boys)

1)adventure films 2)horror films 3)romantic films 4)comedies

  1. What would she prefer as a present? (for boys)

1)flowersт 2)perfume 3)a book 4)sweets

  1. What is his favourite activity in his free time? (for girls)

1)watching TV 2)sleeping 3)doing sports 4)playing computer games

  1. What is his favourite school subject? (for girls)

1)Maths 2)English 3)Geography 4)Physical Education

  1. What singer would she listen to? (for boys)

1)Polina Gagarina 2)Biyanka 3)Any Lorak 4)Loya

 №4 «Songs»

Now let’s relax. You’ll listen to the songs in English. You should  guess Who is the singer? Ready?

 №5 «Just Dance»

I have a box. Long ago it was a symbol love. What is there in the box?  You can ask me questions. (Tomato)

We need it for the next contest. The next contest is « Just Dance».

I have 5 tomatoes. Take one. Put your tomato between your foreheads and dance. You mustn’t drop your tomato. Turn on the music.


Dear jury, what are the results?

Now our jury will name an ideal couple of our game «Be my Valentine».

(… and … you are the leaders. You have ___ points. … gets … points. Well done! Every couple has the same points.  It was interesting/ exciting/ funny. )

Final game

Now you will shoot at the heart. You have …. points, so you can shoot  … times. And win some presents. (It is a …  Let’s applause!)

Our game is over. I hope you liked it. And now let’s dance. It’s time for disco!


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